Marco Polo in Amsterdam

Our guide books have been around the world but this time we got to go with them!

Amsterdam remains one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe and summer is the peak tourist season in this idyllic Dutch metropolis. That is why we decided to take to the streets of Amsterdam and give out exactly one hundred copies of our Marco Polo Amsterdam Pocket Guide.

Marco Polo Guides Amsterdam

Marco Polo in Amsterdam

On Thursday, July 6, 2017, we parked ourselves outside the beautiful Amsterdam Central Station with a suitcase full of books. The station area is a great place for finding tourists as the train connection between Amsterdam and the airport is the preferred method of getting to the city for many travellers.

Marco Polo Guides Amsterdam

Marco Polo’s own Hayley and Senja ready to hand out some guides


Marco Polo Guides Amsterdam

A suitcase full of guides

With guide books in our hands we set to the task. Soon we spotted our first travellers who at first couldn’t believe that we were giving the books away just like that, no strings attached! Well lucky them, this time the lunch – or the book as it were – was free. In no time, there were dozens of tourists, ready to explore the city with their new Amsterdam Pocket Guides.

Marco Polo Guides Amsterdam

How to really experience Amsterdam: on a bike with the Marco Polo Amsterdam Pocket Guide


Marco Polo Guides Amsterdam

We were looking to find as many tourists as we could so we had plopped our suitcase down next to a map of Amsterdam. Of course, it turned out to be a great place to come across tourists as even in this age of smartphones and Google Maps, nothing beats a real map. In our bright yellow Marco Polo shirts, we looked every bit the knowledgeable travel guide and were bombarded with questions. Fortunately, we had some real Amsterdam insiders with us who were more than happy to share their tips on how to best get around the city. The pull-out maps that come with our pocket guides were also welcomed with great enthusiasm.

Marco Polo Guides Amsterdam

Even in the age of smartphones and Google Maps, nothing beats a map


After only a little more than an hour, our suitcase was empty and all of our pocket guides were on their way to exciting Amsterdam adventures with their new owners. We had many lovely encounters with people from all over the world, all excited and ready to enjoy their trip. We hope that our Amsterdam pocket guides came in handy and helped people to experience the city to the max!

Marco Polo Guides Amsterdam

Flipping through the pages of their new pocket guide


Marco Polo Guides Amsterdam

Our Marco Polo team got plenty of attention


We had a lovely time in the sunny Amsterdam, and if you wish to see more of our Amsterdam adventure, check out the short video below! 



Buy the Amsterdam Marco Polo Pocket Guide.

Marco Polo Amsterdam Pocket Guide

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Top 10 Party Beaches!

Let yourself be inspired by Marco Polo’s selection of Top 10 Party Beaches! Have fun planning the holiday of a lifetime where you can party until the sun comes up!

Group of people party on the beach.

1. Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Paradise Beach is a magnet for the young from all over the world. The sound is turned up in the early evening when DJs take to the turntables. The beach vibrates to the sound and night becomes day.

Greece Marco Polo Guide


2. Bloemendaal, The Netherlands

The best beach pavilions are in Bloemendaal where party-lovers congregate in the trendy lounges and chill-out areas on the shore. Sometimes several pavilions join forces and hold parties at the same time, turning Bloemendaal into Holland’s answer to Ibiza.

Netherlands Marco Polo Map


3. Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

The throb of V8-engines, the roar of Harleys right on the 37km (22 mile) long sandy beach and the thunder of the Altantic. Daytona Beach on Florida’s east coast is the ultimate meeting place for the young and young at heart. Open the throttle!

Florida Marco Polo Guide


4. Santa Cristina Beach, Lloret de Mar, Spain

Life is a beach! Young people from all over Europe descend on the Spanish party mile near Barcelona with its more than 100 bars and clubs, especially at the weekends. During the day, chill out on Santa Cristina Beach – it’s not quite as crowded as Central Beach.

Costa Brava Marco Polo Guide


5. Anjuna Beach, Goa, India

Dancing to the beat under decorated palms and coloured lights with lasers shooting into the evening sky, video installations and masses of other party freaks. The trance and techno parties on Anjuna Beach are wild and legendary. The latest trend is silent disco where music is played through headphones.

India South (Goa & Kerala) Marco Polo Guide


6. Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria

Chart hits, old favourites and lazing around in the sun. In the Golden Sands resort on the Black Sea in Bulgaria partying to live music and international singers turns night into day.

Bulgaria Marco Polo Guide


7. Drums’ Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel

Groove to the beat every Friday evening at sunset in the south of Tel Aviv when bongo players and drummers congregate on Drums’ Beach and pound out their rhythm like there’s no tomorrow.

Israel Marco Polo Guide


8. Bodrum, Turkey

In Bodrum, the place to be on the Mediterranean, the younger generation and thirty-somethings from nearby cities gather here to party under the stars. Insider tip: Party all night long in Club Halikarnas.

Turkey Marco Polo Guide


9. English Harbour, Antigua

This island in the Lesser Antilles has 365 beaches to offer, so deciding where to go is not so easy! Those who love sailing around the Caribbean anchor their yachts in English Harbour. Sundays at Shirley Heights is party time with a glass of rum punch and the sound of steel drum bands.

Caribbean Marco Polo Map


10. Nikki Beach, Marbella, Spain

The guests at Nikki Beach Club on the Costa del Sol are sexy, cool, trendy, wealthy and come from all over the world. Relax on one of the upholstered sunbeds under the palm trees or a white sunshade. Don’t miss one of the famous ‘White Parties’!

Costa Del Sol (Granada) Marco Polo Guide


Content taken from the Marco Polo World Map with 100 Dream Beaches.

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