Top 10 Nudist Beaches

Ooh er missus! If sunbathing in your birthday suit is right up your street… then we have the perfect list for you! The top 10 best nudist beaches around the world, as chosen by Marco Polo authors…

Cuban dead tree

Photo credit: Tim Kelly

1. Grande Saline, St Barthélemy

St Barth, as the little Caribbean island is called for short, is popular among celebrities. Nudists also feel at home on the velvet sandy beach of Grande Saline in the area reserved for nudists.

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2. Nordstrand, Helgoland, Germany

The island’s secret jewel is not actually on it, but next to it – the 32 acre beach on the north of the dune has very fine sand. You can relax here with or without clothes on – or in a fur coat like the seals. The magical North Sea!

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3. Praia da Ursa, Cabo da Roca, Portugal

Praia da Ursa with its fascinating rocks is hidden between cliffs in the far west of Europe. Thanks to the fact that it cannot be seen from anywhere, the beach is especially popular among nudists. Be sure to take your own food and plenty to drink with you as there’s nowhere to buy anything in this secluded spot.

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4. Kordovon Beach, Jerolim,  Croatia

Anyone taking a boat from Hvar to this tiny island, one of the Paklenis, can shed their clothes and enjoy the untouched wooded scenery. Kordovon Beach is the perfect place for a totally relaxed holiday free from all constraints. As one sign proudly announces, nudists have
been more than ‘Welcome since 1896’.

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5. Platja del Mago, Portals Vells, Mallorca, Spain

The boats anchored in the bay seem to hover above the crystal-clear water. All along the rocky shoreline crooked pine trees have established themselves up the slopes around the cove where there are lovely views over the sea. The Platja del Mago is an official nudist beach.

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6. Cap d’Agde, France

It’s not just the fine sandy beach on the Cap d’Agde that makes this one of the most popular resorts for naturists on the Mediterranean. It is also the fact that this is a large village-like complex where nudism is the norm night and day.

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7. Kókkinos Ammos (Red Beach), Mátala, Crete, Greece

Picturesque Kókkinos Ammos, the ‘Red Beach’, enjoys a peaceful, sun-soaked location that can only be reached after a 20-minute hike. Naturists aim for the northern part of the shimmering red sandbank. Don’t forget to take enough food and drink with you!

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8. Nida, Lithuania

The regulations in the Baltic State of Lithuania are strict – at least as far as nudism on the Curonian Spit goes. There are separate areas for men and women to (sun)bathe in the nude. Make sure you observe the signs whatever you do – vyrų pliažas is the beach for men and moterų pliažas for women.

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9. Saltum Strand, Denmark 

There’s plenty of room for everyone here! The seemingly endless beaches in this kingdom stretch as far as the horizon and are seldom full, especially in the north. Since nude bathing is allowed on every beach in Denmark, as long as you are considerate to others, you don’t need to pack your swimwear for Saltum Strand either.

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10. Neuendorf, Hiddensee, Germany

The dunes where beachgrass grows and the hidden sandy hollows in between, very close to the conservation village itself, provide perfect, secluded spots for bathing in the nude. INSIDER TIP: Afterwards try something completely different – Karl Huck’s puppet theatre in Vitte.

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Top 10 Winter Sun Beaches

Fancy escaping the cold this winter in search of warmer climes? Here are Marco Polo’s top 10 winter sun beach destinations…

Egypt beach with camel

1. Eagle Beach, Aruba

The gnarled divi-divi trees, contorted by the wind, look like over-sized bonsais on a sugary-white beach. On ‘One Happy Island’ the sun shines 365 days a year – the word ‘winter’ doesn’t even get a look-in.

INSIDER TIP: If you’re looking for something active, give the latest trend a try – yoga on a stand up paddle board – SUP yoga. Don’t fall off!

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2. Tropea, Italy

The little Calabrian town of Tropea sits sublimely on a 40m (130ft) high cliff above the Tyrrhenian Sea and there is a fine sandy beach at the foot of the Old Town. Even if the temperature here in the most southerly part of the ‘toe’ on the Italian Peninsula isn’t tropical, it’s never freezing either.

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3. Djerba, Tunisia

The soft, wet sand sticks between your toes, palm trees cast their shadows here and there and the occasional camel trots by. The mile-long beach on the Tunisian island of Djerba has a very oriental feel and even at Christmas time the temperature here is very pleasant.

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4. Agate Beach, Lüderitz, Namibia

Gentle, white-capped waves roll in from the Atlantic on Agate Beach. If you’re lucky you may even find a piece of agate in the sand. In this hot, dry climate temperatures can climb up to 25°C in winter.

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5. Sidi Abdel Rahman, Egypt 

Gentle waves have been formed by the wind in the white, fine sand of this beach that stretches down the Mediterranean coast. White sunshades make a perfect contrast to the blue water. In winter, visitors can look forward to mild temperatures here of around 20°C.

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6. Matira Beach, Bora Bora

The name Bora Bora melts in the mouth like a gooey cream chocolate and makes us long for the South Seas – and not just when the Christmas lights are turned on at home. There is no winter on the beach of this atoll. The only thing the colour of snow here is the velvety soft sand between your toes and the only ice to be found is in your cocktail.

INSIDER TIP: A  pareu, a colourful wrap-around makes a lovely souvenir.


7. Ras Al-Jinz, Al-Hadd, Oman

The Gulf of Oman is there to enjoy. The waves are like music to the ear and on Ras Al-Jinz beach you can listen to the sound of the sea and watch green sea turtles lay their eggs. All this at a daytime temperature seldom below the 20°C mark.

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8. Papanasam Beach, Varkala, India

The view from the cliff top is breathtaking. Steps carved out of the rock lead down to the beach. Varkala Beach in the state of Kerala is not only unbelievably beautiful but, thanks to its proximity to the Equator, is tropical the whole year round.

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9. Oualidia, Morocco

An oriental lifestyle, the call of the muezzin and the sheltered lagoons of Oualidia soon make you forget the cold north. That’s what the flamingos think too when they stop here in autumn on their way to milder climes further south.

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10. Praia de Santa Mónica, Boavista, Cape Verde

Here, off the coast of Africa, the sun shines 350 days a year and the average temperature is between 21 and 29°C. You won’t necessarily meet a soul on the 18km (11 mile) long beach of fine Sahara sand – which is not really surprising as this idyllic spot can only be reached in a 4 × 4. But the journey is more than worth the effort!

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Top 10 dog-friendly beaches

Sandy beaches, crashing waves and warm sunshine – it’s no wonder our furry friends love going to the beach. Sandy paws equal happy dogs AND happy owners, so Marco Polo have sniffed out the best beaches from all around the world where dogs are welcome with open paws…

Dog on beach

Photo credit: Henning Leweke [CC BY-SA 2.0]

1. Barneville-Carteret, France

Untamed nature and the wind in Fido’s coat… Anyone who loves the bracing sea air will feel at home on this beach in Normandy. Even when it is deserted and nobody can be seen far and wide, dogs still have to be kept on a lead.

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2. Wenningstedt-Braderup, Sylt,  Germany

Endless beaches to make any doggie’s heart beat faster. Where? On the designated dog beach in Wenningstedt on Sylt.

INSIDER TIP: The Hotel Windrose publishes a brochure for guests with dogs with masses of useful tips in it. A must for every dog owner.

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3. Böda Sand, Öland,  Sweden

The climate is harsh, especially when storms blow across the island in autumn. Dogs can run to their heart’s content on the clearly signed dog beach near Böda Sand. Their two-legged friends can relax after a long walk with one of Johan Theorin’s crime novels.

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4. Bagno 81, Rimini, Italy

Quietly relaxing with Lady and the Tramp on the beach and letting the sun warm their coats or even going for a doggie-paddle – everything is possible at Bagno 81. There’s even free Internet access. Woof!

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5. Neßmersiel, Germany

A holiday with a difference for our four-legged friends. Teach your dog new tricks at the ‘Fun Agility Park’ next to the dog beach on the North Sea or simply let them run around. They can then explore the hiking trail for dogs and their owners in Dornumersiel.

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6. Blåvand, Denmark

Chasing clouds, barking at seagulls, digging holes and getting wet paws. Dogs love it on the wide North Sea beaches near Blåvand. There is a fenced-in area of  woodland near Oksby so dogs can run off the lead.

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7. Swinoujście, Poland

Fetch! Since 2011 Fido, Bella & Co. are officially allowed to run around and play on the beach
in Swinoujście in Poland. However, dogs which tend to get over-excited or bite others have to
wear a muzzle.

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8. Grömitz, Germany

Barking, digging and paddling on the flat Baltic Sea beach in Grömitz. Our four-legged friends are allowed off the lead here and can run, jump and do whatever they or their owners like.

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9. Skagen, Denmark

Furry family members will feel especially at home at the northern-most tip of Denmark where the North Sea meets the Baltic. Apart from the fact that (Great) Danes love the wind, there is often an especially strong breeze blowing here, to the delight of all ‘wet noses’.

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10. Schönhagen, Schlei, Germany

When the ball lands way out in the water, all four paws go f ying as Fido chases after it in the waves. The largest dog beach in the Baltic Sea resort of Schönhagen is enough to turn any pampered pooch into a fierce sea lion!

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Do you know any other great dog-friendly beaches you’d like to add to this list? Leave a comment below, tweet us @MarcoPoloGuides or tell us on Facebook.

Top 10 Beaches for Snorkelling

Looking for the perfect destination for diving and snorkelling? Look no further – you’ll be in underwater paradise in no time with Marco Polo’s Top 10 Beaches for Snorkelling: 

Snorkelers with sea turtle

Photo credit: Vlad & Marina Butsky [CC BY 2.0]

1. Ammoópí, Kárpathos, Greece

Conditions are perfect for snorkellers on Kárpathos as visibility under water is excellent. Moray eels, barracudas and crabs can be watched near the shore. The diving centre in Pigádia runs diving courses for beginners as well.

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2. Anse Chastanet, St Lucia

Dive near the Pitons, the beautifully shaped volcanic plugs, and explore Anse Chastanet reef with its brightly-coloured undersea world of parrot fish and wrasses. INSIDER TIP: Another bonus is that the hotel beaches on the island are open to all!

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3. Punta dello Spalmatore, Ustica, Italy

The little island of Ustica is volcanic in origin and for that reason offers wonderful opportunities for snorkelling fans. Punta dello Spalmatore is the perfect starting point for a foray into the undersea world where you can marvel at fish including gleaming barracudas and bream.

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4. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Eye to eye with Nemo, the orange-striped clown fish, a whole bouquet of brilliantly coloured coral and water as bewitchingly clear as Finnish vodka. Gaze into the endless skies and feel the soft, warm sand under your feet. In a nutshell – welcome to the Philippines, Palawan and paradise.

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5. Amos Beach, Turunç, Turkey

The water is as clear as neat raki and the swell quite gentle. Perfect conditions on the Turkish Aegean Coast to explore life under the surface. Amos Beach with its large pebbles boasts crystal-clear water and a lively undersea world.

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6. Shell Beach, South Bimini,  Bahamas

Let yourself be swept off  your feet and float above the white sand found on the seabed with its wavy patterns formed by the warm water. Here and there shoals of fish swim past or a large shell can be spotted with beady eyes peering out at you.

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7. L’Estartit, Illes Medes,  Spain

Rays, barracudas, octopuses… the variety of sea life around the seven uninhabited islands that jut steeply out of the water, is simply fascinating. Thankfully, these picturesque islets are in a conservation area.

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8. Navagíou Beach, Zákynthos,  Greece

The chances of seeing a hawksbill sea turtle in the Ionian Sea are pretty good. Just put on your diving gear and head for Navagíou Beach where you will be rewarded with spectacular underwater sights as well as a shipwreck on the beach.

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9. Zeituna Beach, El-Gouna, Egypt

The deep blue of the Red Sea conceals an even more colourful undersea world. Fishing boats take visitors to Zeituna Beach and the adjacent reef. If you are lucky, you’ll see some red lionfish and bluespotted ribbontail rays and sometimes even dolphins pass by here.

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10. Plage de Ficajola, Corsica,  France

Snorkellers can explore the little sheltered beach of Ficajola on the southern tip of the Gulf of Porto, hidden between towering cliffs that stretch some way into the sea. Anyone who dives here is rewarded with an undersea world teeming with life.

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Top 10 Romantic Getaways

Looking for a romantic getaway? We have hand-picked the top 10 beaches around the world… only for lovers! Perfect for your honeymoon, anniversary, exotic proposal or just because you want to treat yourself!

Let yourself be inspired by Marco Polo’s top insider tips…

Ⓒ Dumont Photo Archive: Christian Heeb

Ⓒ Dumont Photo Archive: Christian Heeb


1. Maya Bay (The Beach), Ko Phi Phi Le, Thailand

The water is turquoise and the traditional long-tail boats come in all sorts of colours. Sheltered by limestone cliffs amidst dense vegetation the water here is so wonderfully warm and salty you feel as if you’re flying. And while on the subject – light a Chinese lantern together and send it off into the starry night with your very own personal wishes.

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2. Bamburgh Beach,  Northumberland, England

Majestic Bamburgh Castle with its massively thick walls towers above the sea. And when the setting sun turns the clouds a dramatic flaming red, this is the perfect moment for a stroll
hand in hand along the beach. You can’t get much more romantic than that, can you?

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3. Godrevy Beach, St Ives, England

The romantically-minded love to sit and admire the view across the awe-inspiring expanse of sandy beach or delve into history on a gentle stroll around the headland, peer into Hell’s Mouth and watch birds soaring over secret coves along the North Cliffs.

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4. Castaway Island, Fiji

Bula! Bula! Welcome to Fiji, to paradise in the South Seas – to a mild, tropical climate where the sand glistens in the sun and crystal-clear water reveals the coral reefs below. This is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Or even to tie the knot. Walk barefoot along the beach together into the setting sun!


5. Île St-Nicolas, France

The azure-blue sea and long white sandy beaches give the Glénan Islands a tropical feel and are perfect for lovers – perhaps Romeo will be able to find a Glénan narcissus for his Juliet. It does not grow anywhere else in the world and flowers between April and June. But it’s not to be picked, just photographed!

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6. Wineglass Bay, Tasmania, Australia

A perfect sweep of white sand that traces an open circle like a glittering ring around the ice-blue water. Wineglass Bay is certainly the best-known gem on Freycinet Peninsula. Wouldn’t that make the perfect backdrop for proposing? And the engagement ring will glisten like the bay on your beloved one’s sun-tanned finger!

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7. Piscinas, Arbus, Sardinia, Italy

If you’re looking for a remote spot to spend some time together then a secluded nest in the middle of dunes (up to 60m/200ft high) is highly recommended. And if you keep very quiet you may spot deer going down to the water. At night, a myriad of stars light up the heavens.

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8. Third Beach, Vancouver, Canada

An experience for the senses: Vancouver’s skyline and sand underfoot, at least your toes in the water in summer and a sea of green conifers. Lovebirds will be in their element when the
sun sinks slowly over the water and the lights of the Big City illuminate the sky.

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9. Ceannabeinne Beach, Durness, Scotland

Pinky red, azure blue and soft shades of beige… all framed by lush grass-green. Scotland’s north is beguiling and especially romantic where the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea meet, on Ceannabeinne Beach. This is where lovers can enjoy peace and quiet together.

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10. Weststrand, Darß, Germany

The beach Weststrand on the Darß peninsula has a wild and romantic air – just what lovers look for. Far from the madding crowd, where the wind and the waves have turned driftwood into beautiful sculptures. The chance of finding amber here is good too. Have the piece of fossilized tree resin polished and give it to your partner as a souvenir.

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Content taken from the Marco Polo World Map with 100 Dream Beaches.

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Top 10 Family Beaches

Off on holiday with the kids? Here are Marco Polo’s Top 10 Family Beaches from all around the world! From Brussels to Crete, and from Italy to the USA – we’ve done the hard work for you – so you don’t have to! 


1. Dominican Republic, Samana, Las Terrenas

The water is like a bath, the sand perfect for playing in and, where the waves gently lap the shore, squeals of delight can be heard each time a wave comes in. The Caribbean is a paradise under palms for families. When the children are a bit bigger, whale-watching is an unforgettable experience – the best time to visit is in February.

Caribbean Marco Polo Map


2.  Greece, Crete, Bálos Beach

Turquoise, more turquoise, Bálos. The lagoon in the northwest of Greece’s largest island gives you that South Seas’ feeling – but without the palms. The beach of white shell and coral sand around the lagoon and the shallow water – up to a child-friendly depth of 50cm (less than 2ft) – are ideal for a relaxing family trip.

Crete Marco Polo Guide


3. USA, Sanibel Island, Bowman’s Beach

Buttercup Lucine, Florida Cone… the sandcastles on Sanibel Island are richly decorated, the island an eldorado for shell collectors. Gentle waves and no sudden drops are an open invitation for small children to paddle safely. For souvenirs head for ‘She Sells Sea Shells’.

Florida Marco Polo Spiral Guide


4. Italy, Caorle, Spiaggia di Levante

Spiaggia di Levante, with its sunbeds and shades, stretches out beyond the old fishermen’s church. Kids love the climbing frame on the sandy beach. Don’t forget a walk along the promenade with the children who can clamber around the artistic stone sculptures to their heart’s content.

Italy Marco Polo Guide


5. Western Australia, Monkey Mia

Anyone who has experienced this will dream about it for the rest of their lives. Swimming with dolphins is just pure bliss. On Monkey Mia beach Flipper’s relatives in the wild come right up to the beach. What does a dolphin’s skin feel like? Like a shelled hard-boiled egg under water!

Australia Marco Polo Guide


6. Belgium, Blankenberge

Building sand castles on the beach here has moved to a completely new level! Every year, children and adults can marvel at the work of professionals during the sand sculpture festival when the most incredible creations imaginable are conjured up in Blankenberge. For the rest of the year the little ones can try to make a work of art of their own, or simply enjoy paddling in the water.

Belgium / Luxembourg Marco Polo Map


7. France, Cabourg, La Plage des Romantiques

Villas along the promenade conjure up pictures of the elegant spas of old. The beach has been given the ‘Famille Plus – Mer’ seal of approval by the Ministry of Tourism and is considered particularly family friendly with lots of activities for young visitors available throughout the year.

France Marco Polo Atlas


8. France, Île de Ré, Le Bois-Plage-en-Ré

The beaches slope gently into the sea and the temperature of the water is perfect thanks to the Gulf Stream – the beaches in the south of the Île de Ré, off the French Atlantic coast, are ideal for the whole family. And don’t forget to buy a packet of the finest salt – known as fleur de del – from the salt pans here to take back home with you.

French Atlantic Coast Marco Polo Guide


9. USA, New Jersey, Cape May

This brightly-coloured resort with its oversized ‘dolls’ houses on the southern tip of the Garden State looks as if it is made of icing. There’s plenty of room on the long beach on the Atlantic for building sand castles and the waves are perfect for boogie boarding too. Cape May is perfect for all ages.

USA Marco Polo Map


10. Norway, Stavanger, Solastranden

A long, fine sandy beach, blue skies with a few cotton-wool clouds just here and there… Who doesn’t think of Norway’s beaches straight away? Solastranden near Stavanger is a popular place for families in the summer months.

Norway Marco Polo Guide


Content taken from the Marco Polo World Map with 100 Dream Beaches.

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Top 10 Beaches: “See and be Seen”

Let yourself be inspired by this selection of especially beautiful beaches – and have fun planning the holiday of a lifetime! Marco Polo’s Top 10 Beaches to “See and be Seen”…

Cape Town

1. France, Saint-Tropez, Plage de Pampelonne

Whoever wants to catch a glimpse of famous faces in one of the many beach clubs is perfectly positioned on the Plage de Pampelonne on the French Riviera. Keep a look-out too for wooden Riva motor boats – there are bound to be some stars aboard these.

French Riviera Marco Polo Guide


2. South Africa, Cape Town, Camps Bay

In beautiful Camps Bay swimming is not really a top priority as the temperature of the Atlantic is only around 16°C. Instead, just enjoy people watching and being seen.

Cape Town (Wine Lands, Garden Route) Marco Polo Guide


3. USA, Miami, South Beach

Skin-tight dresses, ankle-breaking high heels, white sand, colourful buildings. Miami’s South Beach is just one big catwalk. Enjoy people watching with the pretty backdrop of the Art Deco District.

Florida Marco Polo Guide


4. Italy, Capri, Faraglioni

When the red sun sinks into the sea off Capri then you can be pretty certain that a famous name is on the island somewhere. The beautiful Gulf of Naples only has small beaches but many luxurious beach clubs, such as the one opposite the Faraglioni.

Italy Marco Polo Guide


5. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana

Miniscule bikinis, long legs and well-toned bodies. Cultivating body culture on the white sands of the Copacabana is just as legendary as the girls from Ipanema Beach next door. Valuables however are best left at home.

Brazil Marco Polo Guide


6. Spain, Tenerife, Playa de las Teresitas

There’s always something to see here. You can’t really be sure what is more beautiful about the Playa de las Teresitas – the palms on the powdery-white sandy beach or the beauties in bikinis flaunting their all. Decide for yourself!

Tenerife Marco Polo Guide


7. USA, Venice, Muscle Beach

It’s non-stop training on Venice Beach. Those who don’t join in have a camera in their hands. Their toned subjects are happy to show off: sit-ups, crunches, press-ups… Relaxation for (sporty) holiday-makers can be found in the fantastic B&B Venice Beach House.

California Marco Polo Guide


8. France, Deauville

Rita Hayworth, Tom Hanks, Ed Harris… The list of names on the pretty beach huts in Deauville is just as long as the row of little huts itself. Star or no star, anyone can promenade up and down ‘les Planches’, the beach boardwalk, whether a famous celebrity or not. Well, you can always pretend.

France Marco Polo Map


9. China, Hong Kong, Repulse Bay Beach

The sand looks carefully raked, the little trees prettily lined up and the atmosphere is that of a relaxed resort. In Repulse Bay, right in the middle of this trendy residential area, the chances of seeing a film star are high – Jackie Chan, for example. He lives here. Is that him over there? In the evening take a TurboJET high-speed ferry to Macau, Asia’s Las Vegas with a Portuguese flair.

Hong Kong (Macau) Marco Polo Guide


10. Italy, Portofino, Paraggi

“One can quite suddenly come upon a hidden bay… a little village…” Guy de Maupassant was struck by the magical charm of what has since become the most famous ‘fishing village’ in the world back in 1889. A playground for the rich, powerful and beautiful. La dolce vita on little Paraggi Beach.

Italy Marco Polo Guide


Content taken from the Marco Polo World Map with 100 Dream Beaches.

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Top 10 Party Beaches!

Let yourself be inspired by Marco Polo’s selection of Top 10 Party Beaches! Have fun planning the holiday of a lifetime where you can party until the sun comes up!

Group of people party on the beach.

1. Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Paradise Beach is a magnet for the young from all over the world. The sound is turned up in the early evening when DJs take to the turntables. The beach vibrates to the sound and night becomes day.

Greece Marco Polo Guide


2. Bloemendaal, The Netherlands

The best beach pavilions are in Bloemendaal where party-lovers congregate in the trendy lounges and chill-out areas on the shore. Sometimes several pavilions join forces and hold parties at the same time, turning Bloemendaal into Holland’s answer to Ibiza.

Netherlands Marco Polo Map


3. Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

The throb of V8-engines, the roar of Harleys right on the 37km (22 mile) long sandy beach and the thunder of the Altantic. Daytona Beach on Florida’s east coast is the ultimate meeting place for the young and young at heart. Open the throttle!

Florida Marco Polo Guide


4. Santa Cristina Beach, Lloret de Mar, Spain

Life is a beach! Young people from all over Europe descend on the Spanish party mile near Barcelona with its more than 100 bars and clubs, especially at the weekends. During the day, chill out on Santa Cristina Beach – it’s not quite as crowded as Central Beach.

Costa Brava Marco Polo Guide


5. Anjuna Beach, Goa, India

Dancing to the beat under decorated palms and coloured lights with lasers shooting into the evening sky, video installations and masses of other party freaks. The trance and techno parties on Anjuna Beach are wild and legendary. The latest trend is silent disco where music is played through headphones.

India South (Goa & Kerala) Marco Polo Guide


6. Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria

Chart hits, old favourites and lazing around in the sun. In the Golden Sands resort on the Black Sea in Bulgaria partying to live music and international singers turns night into day.

Bulgaria Marco Polo Guide


7. Drums’ Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel

Groove to the beat every Friday evening at sunset in the south of Tel Aviv when bongo players and drummers congregate on Drums’ Beach and pound out their rhythm like there’s no tomorrow.

Israel Marco Polo Guide


8. Bodrum, Turkey

In Bodrum, the place to be on the Mediterranean, the younger generation and thirty-somethings from nearby cities gather here to party under the stars. Insider tip: Party all night long in Club Halikarnas.

Turkey Marco Polo Guide


9. English Harbour, Antigua

This island in the Lesser Antilles has 365 beaches to offer, so deciding where to go is not so easy! Those who love sailing around the Caribbean anchor their yachts in English Harbour. Sundays at Shirley Heights is party time with a glass of rum punch and the sound of steel drum bands.

Caribbean Marco Polo Map


10. Nikki Beach, Marbella, Spain

The guests at Nikki Beach Club on the Costa del Sol are sexy, cool, trendy, wealthy and come from all over the world. Relax on one of the upholstered sunbeds under the palm trees or a white sunshade. Don’t miss one of the famous ‘White Parties’!

Costa Del Sol (Granada) Marco Polo Guide


Content taken from the Marco Polo World Map with 100 Dream Beaches.

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