10 reasons to go back to Vancouver & the Canadian Rockies

The changing seasons, the stark contrast between the city and the wilderness – Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies are definitely worth a visit… and once you’ve been there, you will only want to return! These are Marco Polo’s 10 reasons to go back to Vancouver & the Canadian Rockies:

1.  Whales, bears, mountains, prairies, cities… it is not possible to experience it all in one visit.

2. The Canadians are so kind and helpful that you will soon find that you sorely miss them.

3. The beauty of the night sky will make you want to see the Milky Way more than once.

4. Where else can you be the only person for hundreds of miles?

5. Locals believe that Vancouver is the pearl of the Pacific, and the world’s most beautiful city.

6. No Sunday drivers and no tailgaters: Canada’s roads are a driver’s dream.

7. No matter whether you are in a city or in the middle of nowhere: the infrastructure is excellent.

8. Canada changes with the seasons and each season is different.

9. You can never tire of the vast, seemingly endless, rippling grasslands of prairie.

10. Mother Nature is the greatest show on Earth – Canada’s scenery is too beautiful not to be experienced a second time.

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10 reasons to go back to Prague

Prague is one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations and those who have been there know why! Here is Marco Polo’s list of 10 reasons to go back to the Czech capital.

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Prague Marco Polo Guide

Photo Credit: Tim Kelly


1. In comparison with other leading cities, Prague is still very good value for money.

2. The architecture of the town is spectacular and is definitely worth a second visit.

3. The beer is far too good for one trip to be sufficient to give it the attention it deserves.

4. The coffee house scene is so dynamic that there is always something new happening.

5. Last time, there probably wasn’t time to enjoy at length the sun on the Vltava Embankment.

6. Next summer it would also be fun to rent a paddle boat on the Vltava.

7. You need to follow the Kafka Museum with the Kafka Tour.

8. David Cerny’s tongue-in-cheek works alone take up one whole day…

9. Taking a taxi is so inexpensive that you can leave your car at home next time.

10. In winter, the Christmas markets in Prague are also well worth a visit.


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Prague Marco Polo Guide

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10 reasons to go back to Ireland

Marco Polo’s list of ten reasons to return to the Emerald Isle – for those who could bring themselves to leave in the first place:


1. A Guinness at O’Donoghue’s in Ireland simply tastes better than it does in Irish pubs abroad.

2. When the Irish speak English, their beautiful lilting accent is quite irresistible.

3. “Craic” is the Irish word for fun, and it is something you experience a lot in Ireland.

4. Nothing is more amusing and eye-opening than small talk with an Irish stranger.

5. The Irish weather is an inexhaustible subject, with all the potential drama of a theatre play.

6. Irish salmon, Galway oysters and Dublin Bay shrimps: simply delicious.

7. Gardens are masterpieces of nature in Ireland – and the Irish are happy to show them off.

8. Country Houses and Mansions: You can visit them or reside in them.

9. Fleadh, is a festival of traditional Irish music, which can be enjoyed in an Irish crowd.

10. Forty Shades of Green: There is nothing more relaxing than a day immersed in Ireland’s greenery.

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10 reasons to go back to Amsterdam

Who doesn’t love Amsterdam? The canals, the history, the gezelligheid – why leave at all! Here are Marco Polo’s 10 reasons to go back to Amsterdam:

Amsterdam Marco Polo Guide

1. The canals are lovely in all season – in the summer sunshine or festively lit in winter.

2. In no other city is cycling so natural and so pleasant.

3. Dutch matjes herrings are tasty treats that just melt in your mouth and smack of the sea.

4. The Rijksmuseum is so large that you will discover new artworks every time you visit.

5. The countless small shops in the old town offer endless possibilities for rummaging.

6. Amsterdammers are friendly, open-minded and incredibly laid back.

7. It takes some time to eat your way through the cuisines from 55 different nations.

8. Time and time again, you can experience the gezelligheid of the brown cafés.

9. The beaches near the city and the Ijsselmeer coast lie waiting for you to discover them.

10 . The sound of the Westerkerk’s carillon will warm the cockles of your heart whenever you hear its chimes.

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Amsterdam Marco Polo Guide

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10 reasons to go back to Thailand

Thailand remains one of our ultimate favourite travel destinations. The food, the culture, the people, the beauty of it all – really, the only reason to leave Thailand is so you can return! Here is Marco Polo’s list of ten reasons to go back to Thailand, or visit for the first time if you haven’t already:

Thailand Marco Polo Guide

1.  Life is too short not to come back to Thailand, the most beautiful country in the world.

2. The brochures call it a slice of heaven on earth – and they’re right!

3. Spend your summers in Europe and escape the winter by heading to Thailand.

4. What more could you want than two oceans boasting 3,000 km of tropical coast.

5. Thailand is so cheap that you can still have incredible experiences on a budget.

6. With museums, events and over 25,000 temples, you’ll never run out of things to do.

7. Showing consideration for other peoples’ feelings is a fundamental cornerstone of Thai society.

8. Thailand has the best curries to be found anywhere in the world.

9. You won’t fail to notice that sanuk joie de vivre – is a vital element of Thai life.

10. When you visit the “Land of Smiles” you’ll feel welcome from the first minute to the last.

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Thailand Marco Polo Guide

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10 reasons to go back to Malta

Malta is one popular destination so there is a good chance you’ve already been to this beautiful island nation. However, there are plenty of reasons to go again. Below we have listed ten of what we think are the perfect reasons to go back to Malta. Of course, if you have never been, these are very good reasons to book your first Maltese holiday.

Photo credit: Tim Kelly

1. Although it plays host to many tourists, Malta itself remains authentic.

2. The price-quality ratio is spot on for most hotels.

3. Malta’s restaurant scene invites you on a culinary trip round the world. Such trips take time.

4. There are enough theatres, museums and events for endless cultural enjoyment.

5. Malta is improving its infrastructure all the time: every year new attractions are added to the list.

6. Where else can you explore a whole island by bus – and at such a low cost?

7. Every holiday to Malta will increase your interest in Megalithic temples and the Knights of St John.

8. The Maltese really know how to enjoy the Advent season. It makes Christmas shopping a lot of fun.

9. The same walks and tours display a myriad of different characters during the changing seasons.

10. Valletta is Europe’s elected cultural capital for 2018. By then at the latest, you need to get back for a visit.

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Malta Marco Polo Guide
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