That Stockholm Feeling

Oh beautiful Stockholm with its sparkling waters, lush greenery and quaint little streets. Find out what makes the city tick, experience its unique air – just like the Stockholmers themselves.


Swedish courtesy is legendary. They thank you for everything, absolutely everything. A Swede would never think of accepting a service without expressing a friendly tack. The person addressed expresses his gratitude for the thanks with “tack, tack”. And if someone wants to be particularly affable, then he says, “tack, tack, tack” to the person who has just thanked him. Even if this seems a little excessive, just play along, it pays to be courteous in Sweden. But beware: Don’t interpret this friendliness as an invitation for excessive bonhomie. Swedes appreciate a certain amount of restraint.


Stockholm boasts a unique location between Lake Mälar and the Baltic Sea. That is why it is so rewarding to look out across the city. There are countless ways to do that. The most well-known option is the view from the City Hall Tower, but there is also a beautiful view of the Old Town from Fjällgata street  or Monteliusvägen path in the Södermalm district. And then there is also the SkyView from the roof of the Ericsson Globe and the viewing platform of the radio and television tower, Kaknästornet.


Stockholmers love the water and the skerries. Many of the capital’s inhabitants have a weekend house out on one of the islands, which they cross over to in their own boat, on the ferry, or aboard an excursion boat. Why don’t you stay a few days? You can also rent holiday homes on the skerries.


Part of the Stockholmers’ new savoir vivre means that shopping no longer entails just wandering through a market hall. A canapé here, a titbit there, a food sample over there: Stockholm’s everyday snacks have also been transformed into refined street food. The market hall on Östermalmstorg is particularly popular.


Strandvägen is the most prestigious boulevard in Stockholm. Many stars and starlets stay in the magnificent buildings overlooking the sea. As do Sweden’s well-to-do. The ship restaurants along the quay are the meeting place for everyone who wants to be seen sipping on a glass of Champagne. Why not join the cool crowd, don your sunglasses and order a glass of bubbly yourself? Those who only want to watch from the sidelines can sit on one of the numerous benches along the promenade, buy an ice-cream and view the strutting vanities.


It used to take a long time to find the in-districts in Stockholm. Going out was expensive – and anyone wanting to get into the upmarket bars had to get dressed up and join the long queue. Just meeting friends “for a beer” was not something people did. That changed a few years ago. In the nightlife district of SoFo you will find nice pubs and cafés, but you can equally dance your way through the night. The Kvarnen beer hall, which also plays a role in the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson is particularly popular.


A real Swede always has a song on his lips. Every Tuesday evening in summer, thousands flock to the Skansen Open-Air Museum for the Allsång to sing together. Even the TV crews are there. Even if you don’t know the songs, it is worth passing by. It would be difficult to find a more authentic experience of Sweden.


Swedes are fresh-air fanatics. Regardless what the weather is like, they want to be out jogging, skiing, cycling or doing other activities. However, there are more relaxing alternatives for the hours outside: a picnic with a cinnamon bun and coffee, the Swedish alternative to cheese and wine. (Drinking alcohol in public is forbidden.) People love the Rålambshovsparken on Kungsholmen. In Rålis, as the locals call it, you are even allowed to barbecue on the spaces designated for this purpose, whilst the youngsters can take advantage of the skateboarding track.

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