Marco Polo’s 24 Holiday Traditions from around the world – Day 1: Iceland Yule Cat

At Marco Polo, we think that the best thing about travelling is learning about different cultures, and that is why from today until December 24th we will be featuring different holiday traditions from all over the world. And as it is the season of giving, we will also be hosting a giveaway on our social media each Friday before Christmas… and there may be a surprise on Christmas morning too! But without any further ado, here is today’s holiday tradition… the Yule Cat from Iceland!


Iceland has many fascinating traditions and stories, from trolls and aquatic monsters to elves, also known as the ‘hidden people.’ However, there is a particularly curious tale of a terrifying Yule cat who will stalk the vast snowy landscapes of Iceland during Christmas. To avoid getting eaten by this fearsome feline, Icelandic families make a point of gifting each family member some warm clothes, as this is believed to deter the monstrous Yule Cat.

So if you are spending Christmas in Iceland, make sure to stay safe and give each other some nice warm clothes, or the Yule Cat will get you!


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