10 reasons to go back to Ireland

Marco Polo’s list of ten reasons to return to the Emerald Isle – for those who could bring themselves to leave in the first place:


1. A Guinness at O’Donoghue’s in Ireland simply tastes better than it does in Irish pubs abroad.

2. When the Irish speak English, their beautiful lilting accent is quite irresistible.

3. “Craic” is the Irish word for fun, and it is something you experience a lot in Ireland.

4. Nothing is more amusing and eye-opening than small talk with an Irish stranger.

5. The Irish weather is an inexhaustible subject, with all the potential drama of a theatre play.

6. Irish salmon, Galway oysters and Dublin Bay shrimps: simply delicious.

7. Gardens are masterpieces of nature in Ireland – and the Irish are happy to show them off.

8. Country Houses and Mansions: You can visit them or reside in them.

9. Fleadh, is a festival of traditional Irish music, which can be enjoyed in an Irish crowd.

10. Forty Shades of Green: There is nothing more relaxing than a day immersed in Ireland’s greenery.

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