10 reasons to go back to Amsterdam

Who doesn’t love Amsterdam? The canals, the history, the gezelligheid – why leave at all! Here are Marco Polo’s 10 reasons to go back to Amsterdam:

Amsterdam Marco Polo Guide

1. The canals are lovely in all season – in the summer sunshine or festively lit in winter.

2. In no other city is cycling so natural and so pleasant.

3. Dutch matjes herrings are tasty treats that just melt in your mouth and smack of the sea.

4. The Rijksmuseum is so large that you will discover new artworks every time you visit.

5. The countless small shops in the old town offer endless possibilities for rummaging.

6. Amsterdammers are friendly, open-minded and incredibly laid back.

7. It takes some time to eat your way through the cuisines from 55 different nations.

8. Time and time again, you can experience the gezelligheid of the brown cafés.

9. The beaches near the city and the Ijsselmeer coast lie waiting for you to discover them.

10 . The sound of the Westerkerk’s carillon will warm the cockles of your heart whenever you hear its chimes.

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Amsterdam Marco Polo Guide

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