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Scotland is iconic! Nessie and whisky, bagpipes, castles and myths lure you to this wildly romantic northern country with its magnificent, scenic landscapes. Check out Marco Polo’s insider tips to find out the best only Scotland has to offer.

Scotland Marco Polo Guide

Edinburgh’s magnificent mile

The Royal Mile is a stretch where you will find all things Scottish and along the way you go from the 21st century all the way back to the Middle Ages. The strains of the bagpipe, ghost walks and quaint pubs all set the tone for your Scotland stay.

Nessie mania

Steve Feltham has been tracking the Loch Ness monster since 1991. A full time Nessie hunter, he lives on the famous loch and is always keen to share what knowledge he has of the mythical sea serpent.

Legendary hiking trail

A trip to the Highlands wouldn’t be complete without this hike: the West Highland Way from Glasgow to Fort William is just less than 95 miles long and is legendary. Outlaw Rob Roy once hid in the idyllic wooded eastern shore of Loch Lomond.

A whisky pilgrimage

Only the Scottish could succeed in harnessing the spirit and taste of their country in a bottle! For connoisseurs there is the Malt Whisky Trail and you get to taste your way through the distilleries sip by sip.

Sit! Stay! Good dog!

At Viv Billingham’s on St Mary’s Loch and on Leault Farm at Aviemore you can watch the clever Scottish Border collies hard at work.

Royal Highland Games

To see men in skirts tossing the caber or country dancing you should visit one of Scotland’s many folk festivals. The guys are absolute pros! If you attend the main one in Braemar you could even get a glimpse of the Queen and her family.

Folk music to get you going

Celtic folk music is both melancholic and haunting and yet also very danceable. Sandy Bell’s is an Edinburgh pub where it is played and sung at jam sessions – also at the Orkney and Shetland festivals.


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Scotland Marco Polo Guide

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