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Malta is like a lavish buffet. You can choose what you like from what’s on offer, and enjoy a holiday there at any time of year. Malta and its little sister Gozo are small enough to allow you to get to know the island republic within a single week. You can go diving and windsurfing, you can swim and play golf, take a culinary journey round the world or make it a ‘wellness’ holiday in a spa. And Malta’s nightlife has made the island a happening place on the club circuit.

Let Marco Polo show you some unique experiences to be had on Malta and Gozo:

Malta Marco Polo Guide

Discover Malta’s painters

Painters once had the role that photographers have today. They not only portrayed the
Grand Masters of the Knights of St John, they also captured on their canvases Maltese landscapes of the 18th and 19th centuries, on show in the Museum of Fine Arts in Valletta.

Dine like a lord

The Tá Frenc luxury restaurant on the island of Gozo has all the atmosphere of an old Gozitan nobleman’s estate. Almost all ingredients used here come from the island, and even the herbs come from a little garden in front of the restaurant.

A one-horse-power ride

When you take a horse-drawn carriage at the Grand Master’s palace in Valletta, you can feel like the nobles of old as it goes clip-clop through the old knights’ city – an experience that’s best at dusk as the lights come on.

Delicate silver jewellery

Silver items are among the few craft products that have a tradition on Malta. The place to find them in Valletta is the Silversmith’s Shop.

Politicking behind closed doors?

Not on Malta. Part of each kazin of the local party offices is a bar, where you’ll soon be able to strike up a conversation with locals, e.g. in Rabat in the bar opposite St Paul’s Church. But before you start sounding off about politics, find out which party’s bar you have come to.

Firing a salute

The Maltese are fond of old military habits and keep them alive by means of re-enactments. Every day at noontime a cannonade goes off from the Saluting Battery in Valletta.


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Malta Marco Polo Guide

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