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Stockholm, the Venice of the North. A mix of historical buildings and modern architecture, the city is nestled on 14 islands and surrounded by blue water and green forests. It is the most populous city in the Nordic countries, known for its trendsetting attitude and coffee culture.

Let Marco Polo show you the unique experiences that make Stockholm the crown jewel of Sweden!

Stockholm Marco Polo Guide

Village idyll in the metropolis

Old farmhouses, cottages and grand houses from all over Sweden have been brought together to the Skansen open-air museum in the heart of Stockholm – with a village pond, mature trees and any number of animals. Since 1891 Swedish culture and traditions have been cultivated here, and festivals and concerts organised.

Skerry feeling in 25 minutes

Cliffs, pine trees, bilberry bushes: there are 30,000 islands beyond Stockholm’s city walls.
You can reach the small island of Fjäderholmen, where you will be able to feast on smoked shrimps and a glass of white wine and watch the spectacular sunset, in a mere 25 minutes.

The best city-salmon

The good water quality makes it possible for as many as 30 species of fish to feel at home in the rivers between Stadshuset and Djurgården. Every year, anglers reel in more than 1000 salmon – only with a license, of course!

The Royals

If you want to get a glimpse of the royal family you only have to take up position on one of the streets in Stockholm on 6th of June, the Swedish national holiday. This is the day when members of the royal family travel through the town to Skansen to celebrate with their subjects.

The signs of a former major power

With its 64 canons and 300 soldiers, the impressive battleship Vasa was intended to put the enemy to flight in the Thirty Years’ War. However, it didn’t get very far and sank on its maiden voyage while it was still in Stockholm harbour. It was salvaged in the 1960s, restored and is now on display.

Noble (or Nobel) location

You can spot Stockholm’s town hall and its tower with three golden crowns from far away: the Stadshuset is the symbol of the Swedish capital city. This is where weddings take place, the city is administered and celebrations are held. One of them, on 10th of December, is the gala dinner given in honour of the Nobel Prize winners.


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Stockholm Marco Polo Guide

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