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Milan has class: this cosmopolitan city has one of the best opera houses in the world, wonderfully unique museums and a few blocks that have the highest concentration of fashion and designer shops in the world. Here you will experience the ‘other’ Italy, the vibrant, energetic Italy of the 21st century, a city of creatives and bankers. And no matter whether in a bespoke suit or in sneakers, this chic city has style in bucket loads. You need only do as the locals do to really experience Milan – have an aperitif in one of the stylish bars, go up to the roof of the cathedral, stroll through the city centre – and you will be impressed, delighted and even inspired!

Let Marco Polo show you some unique experiences to be had in this vibrant and exciting Italian city!

Milan Marco Polo Guide

Teatro alla Scala

The highlight of the city’s social scene is the opening of the opera season which takes place in the world famous theatre on 7 December. Just how emblematic the name La Scala is for the city is shown in the way the Milanese refer to their football stadium, San Siro, as the ‘La Scala of football.’

Basilica Sant’Ambrogio

The city’s spiritual heart beats in this wonderful Romanesque church where families wait patiently for a date to have their children baptised or to get married. When the Bishop holds a sermon here the church is filled to capacity and the Milanese recover from the stresses of worldly matters.

Triennale Design Museum

Everyone knows the Sacco beanbag by the furniture brand Zanotto, the Pago Pago reversible plastic vase by Enzo Mari, or the comical, brightly coloured shelves of Ettore Sottsass. All these iconic and playful items of Italian design can be viewed in the Design Museum.

Residential palaces as museums

Many noble residential palaces – which reflect the Milanese bourgeoisie lifestyle in their architecture, their furniture and their art collections – have been turned into museums such as the Poldi Pezzoli.

Quadrilatero della Moda

A stroll around the Via Monte Napoleone, Via Spiga, Via Manzoni and Via Sant’Andrea, shows that Milan is a fashion metropolis on par with New York and Paris: this district is packed with exclusive boutiques!

Cotoletta alla Milanese

The crumbed veal cutlet dish is the epitome of Milanese cuisine, along with its saffron risotto, and it is especially good at Le Vigne.


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Milan Marco Polo Guide

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