Only in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, a metropolis? Well, first of all it is the capital of a kingdom – the oldest
in the world – which, on the one hand, gives Copenhagen its historical charm.
Copenhageners would say their city is ‘hyggelig’ – cosy. On the other hand, architects
rave about Copenhagen as a breathtaking capital of modern architecture.

Let Marco Polo show you some unique experiences which can only be had in Copenhagen:

Image by Evelyne de Jong/the Buttercup Sisters, used with permission

Image by Evelyne de Jong/the Buttercup Sisters, used with permission.

Changing of the guard

It may bring a (wry) smile to some Copenhageners’ lips, but they are still proud when the Royal Life Guards march to the queen’s palace. At noon, on the dot, the order is given: ‘Attention!’

Opera in sight

It doesn’t always have to be Puccini or Verdi: you can also enjoy the Copenhagen Opera from the outside. Take a boat trip with the Havnebussen for a fantastic view of the building and the city skyline.

Image by Evelyn de Jong/The Buttercup Sisters, used with permission.

Image by Evelyne de Jong/The Buttercup Sisters, used with permission.

Café, bar or restaurant?

A question which is not always easy to answer in Copenhagen. What is a café in the daytime, becomes a restaurant in the evening and transforms itself into a bar at night. Café Sommersko was the first hybrid bar in the city and has been copied several times since opening. It’s still the one to beat, though.

Carlsberg and Co.

The green-brown bottles are a part of the cityscape: in Copenhagen no one bats an eyelid if you drink your beer on the street. Tuborg and Carlsberg used to be rivals, now they are siblings in the Carlsberg Brewery family. Visitors can savour a number of different beers here.


The mobile hot-dog stands are (still) holding their own against the ubiquitous American-style burger. And a good thing, too! Copenhagen would be a poorer place without the Pølsevogn on the squares. At lunchtime, have a frokost of hot dog with ketchup, mayonnaise, gherkin and fried onions, perhaps on the Rådhuspladsen.

I design, therefore I am

If you look carefully, you’ll find it almost everywhere: Danish design. That special combination of minimalism and elegance characterises both the roof of the Opera as well as the façade of the ‘Black Diamond’ or even the knives and forks in your hotel. The most beautiful and unusual designer creations can be marvelled at in the Dansk Design Center.



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