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Prague Marco Polo Guide

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The Jewish Quarter
Time has stood still in this ancient part of Prague. Take a walk at night through the cobbled streets and, you never know, you could find the legendary golem lurking around the next corner.

A beer with the locals
There are not many pubs and bars around the Old Town Square where the locals feel at ease. U parlamentu is different – there’s always something going on here (

The market by the Havel church
There has been a market in the shadow of the Havel church since the Middle Ages. In the past it was fruit and vegetables, now it’s more likely to be jewellery and objets d’art. Even so, trade is usually brisk.

Jazz in the cellar
The Czechs are said to be masters of improvisation and that also applies to music. Prague has had a reputation as a jazz town for several decades. If you want to hear the best of the local talent, then the Agharta cellar club is the place to go.

Franz Kafka and Prague
Franz Kafka had a rather difficult relationship with his home town – and the Czechs did not warm to the celebrated author, who wrote in German. Discover more about the man’s troubled life in the Franz Kafka Museum.

A famous landmark
Tourists, street musicians, traders – during the day the crowds converge on the Charles Bridge and sometimes you can hardly move. Nevertheless, the medieval structure continues to be a source of fascination. If you want to see the bridge at its best, be there either early in the morning or later on in the afternoon.

Fierce fights on ice
The sport that can move Praguers to a state of euphoria or plunge them into deep gloom is ice hockey. Tensions rise around the city when the two teams from the capital, Slavia and Sparta, meet on the ice.


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Prague Marco Polo Guide

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