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Simple and substantial: For a long time, Sweden was a poor, agricultural country where people were more interested in just having enough to eat and not in exquisite culinary delights. This is still reflected to a certain extent in the local cooking: potatoes, meat (game, of course) and fish (especially herring and salmon in all variations) are the traditional ingredients of Swedish home-style cooking.

Stockholm Marco Polo Guide

Local specialities to try on your visit to Stockholm:

Biff à la Rydeberg – thinly sliced beef, seared and served with baked potatoes, onions and raw egg yolk

Gravad lax – salmon marinated in sugar, salt and dill, served with a hearty dill-and-mustard sauce

Gul ärtsoppa med flask – thick, yellow pea soup with bacon; the traditional dish on a Thursday

Janssons frestelse – Swedish classic: potato gratin with anchovies, onions and cream

Kanelbullar – very popular rolls with cinnamon

Köttbullar – small, fried meatballs of minced pork and beef, served with boiled or mashed potatoes, brunsås, brown sauce and lingon, cranberries

Kräftor – freshwater crayfish, cooked with a lot of dill and eaten with toast and butter. Season: August

Pannkakor med sylt – pancakes with jam, the obligatory dessert after pea soup on Thursday

Princesstårta – cream cake filled with jam and vanilla cream, covered with bright green marzipan icing

Pytt i panna – a classic way to use leftovers of cubed potatoes, sausage and pieces of meat, served with a fried egg on top and beetroot

Räkor – shrimps

Sill – herring, many variations: senapsill pickled in a sweet-and-sour mustard sauce, glasmästarsill, with onions and bay leaves, or fried

Walenbergare – hamburgers of veal, onions and cream. Side dishes: green peas, mashed potatoes and cranberries


Restaurants serving traditional Swedish cuisine:

This guesthouse from the 18th century serves typical Swedish food. Closed Sun | Österlånggatan 51 | Gamla Stan | tel. 08 24 97 60 | | bus 2, 43, 53, 55, 76: Slottsbacken | red and green lines: Gamla Stan | Expensive

Star chef Pontus Frithiof creates culinary highlights for the trendy Stockholm crowd. In addition there is an exquisite oyster bar. Closed Sun | Brunnsgatan 1 | Norrmalm | tel. 08 54 52 73 00 | | bus 1, 2, 55, 56: Stureplan | red line: Östermalmstorg | Expensive

This traditional restaurant in a charming white wooden villa in Ulriksdal Castle Park is famous for its excellent smörgåsbord. The small version is prepared Tue–Fri 11.30am–2.30pm, the large smörgåsbord at the weekend (Sat/Sun 2 sittings 1pm and 5pm). In addition, à-la-carte dishes are served. Closed Mon | Ulriksdals Slottspark | Solna | tel. 08 85 08 15 | | red line to Mörby:Bergshamra then bus 503 to Ulriksdals Wärdshus (approx. 5 min, hourly) | Expensive

The dishes on the menu of this restaurant, that specialises in Swedish cooking, are simple, organic and made with local produce. Closed Sat lunch and Sun | Asögatan 176 | Södermalm | tel. 08 7 02 12 22 | | bus 3: Asögatan | green line: Medborgarplatsen | Moderate

This small, cosy restaurant is in a medieval vaulted cellar. Delicious Swedish specialities – prepared with Mediterranean flair; e.g. roast reindeer with port wine sauce. Closed Sun | Prästgatan 17 | Gamla Stan | tel. 08 20 88 41 | | bus 3, 53: Mälartorget | red and green lines: Gamla Stan | Moderate

This less-expensive offshoot of the Opera Cellar serves premium quality, Swedish, home-style cooking such as köttbullar and biff rydberg. You eat seated on a bar stool at the bar. The classical Sunday meal (söndagsmiddag), a three-course set meal served between 1pm and 7pm, is especially popular with Stockholmers. Operahuset | Karl XII’s torg | Norrmalm | tel. 08 6 76 58 08 | | bus 2, 55, 62, 71, 76: Karl XII’s torg | blue line: Kungsträdgården | Moderate

Red-and-white checked tablecloths, dark wooden chairs and high quality Swedish cuisine. A popular classic. Karlbergsvägen 14 | Vasastan | tel. 08 52 72 81 00 | | bus 2, 4, 42, 53, 65, 70, 72: Odenplan | green line: Odenplan | Moderate


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Stockholm Marco Polo Guide

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