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Cologne Marco Polo Guide

Underground time machine
Go underground in Cologne and take a journey into the city’s past in the Rathaus (town hall) quarter, follow the trail of its Roman and medieval citizens. The excavations have recently been incorporated into an underground museum.

A funny bird
Order a Halve Hahn (half a chicken) in a Brauhaus but don’t be surprised when you are served rye bread and cheese. This authentic dish with the confusing name is served at the Früh am Dom.

Puppet plays
Even if you don’t understand a word: the Puppenspiele der Stadt Köln – the official name of the Hänneschen Theatre – presents satirical plays in Kölsch the local dialect.

Three days of fun
‘Three days of fun, no regrets, that is carnival’ is the local saying about the Straßenkarneval – a street carnival and masquerade festival.

Meet the waiters
The Köbes are an institution in Rhine gastronomy and belong to the folklore of Cologne’s brewery pubs. To see just how witty and gruff (and rude!) they can be visit the Brauhaus Päffgen.

Speaking and drinking Kölsch
Kölsch is the only language that one can drink. This hoppy, bitter beer is great for a quick drink and is served in small 0.2 L (7 fl oz.) glasses. See how fluent you can be at the Schreckenskammer, a 500 year old brewery serving its own Kölsch.

Have a laugh in the Volkstheater
The burlesque farces presented at the Volkstheater Millowitsch have kept the locals entertained for over 160 years and are as popular as ever.


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Cologne Marco Polo Guide

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