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There is no doubt about it: Hong Kong is a synonym for the fascination of the Far East. Everybody has a certain picture in their mind. On the one hand, one expects an extremely modern, international metropolis with a forest of skyscrapers.  On the other hand, visitors hope to experience the exotic atmosphere of China, the enigmatic, the unfamiliar. And, you would not be really far off there either. Hong Kong is both cosmopolitan and fascinatingly different. Here’s our ‘only in’ list – for unique experiences in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Marco Polo Guide

Cruise the harbour
Take the Star Ferry – Hong Kong’s number one traditional means of transport! It lost its importance after the construction of the underground, but there is no nicer way to get from Tsim Sha Tsui to Wan Chai or Central than with the chubby boats that can travel both forwards and backwards.

City tour for next to nothing
With the tram – the number two traditional means of transport! No other way of getting an idea of life in Hong Kong is more comfortable, less expensive and more characteristic than from the top deck as the tram makes its way through canyons of the high buildings on Hong Kong Island.

Get to the top
With the help of the Peak Tram – transport institution number three! At the very latest, you will realise that it was a good idea to come to Hong Kong when you see the spectacular panorama opening up before your eyes as the tram climbs higher and higher.

Buy t-shirts, consult a fortune teller …
… or listen to operatic arias. The evening market on Temple Street offers this and much, much more every night. And, of course, it is also another Hong Kong institution!

Try dim sums
One of the best places to try these typical Cantonese delicacies accompanied by tea is Maxim’s Palace in City Hall where foreigners are especially welcome. The most typical day is Sunday when it is especially loud and tumultuous.

Sacrifice to the gods
In the Wong Tai Sin Temple, the most popular in Hong Kong, you will discover just how very alive religion has remained for those living in this apparently westernised, materialistic city.

One-armed bandits and baroque paintings
Macau, the Las Vegas of the East, offers this strange combination in its craziest casino-hotel-theatre-shopping mall: The Venetian on Cotai.


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Hong Kong Marco Polo Guide

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