Top 10 Beaches for Snorkelling

Looking for the perfect destination for diving and snorkelling? Look no further – you’ll be in underwater paradise in no time with Marco Polo’s Top 10 Beaches for Snorkelling: 

Snorkelers with sea turtle

Photo credit: Vlad & Marina Butsky [CC BY 2.0]

1. Ammoópí, Kárpathos, Greece

Conditions are perfect for snorkellers on Kárpathos as visibility under water is excellent. Moray eels, barracudas and crabs can be watched near the shore. The diving centre in Pigádia runs diving courses for beginners as well.

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2. Anse Chastanet, St Lucia

Dive near the Pitons, the beautifully shaped volcanic plugs, and explore Anse Chastanet reef with its brightly-coloured undersea world of parrot fish and wrasses. INSIDER TIP: Another bonus is that the hotel beaches on the island are open to all!

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3. Punta dello Spalmatore, Ustica, Italy

The little island of Ustica is volcanic in origin and for that reason offers wonderful opportunities for snorkelling fans. Punta dello Spalmatore is the perfect starting point for a foray into the undersea world where you can marvel at fish including gleaming barracudas and bream.

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4. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Eye to eye with Nemo, the orange-striped clown fish, a whole bouquet of brilliantly coloured coral and water as bewitchingly clear as Finnish vodka. Gaze into the endless skies and feel the soft, warm sand under your feet. In a nutshell – welcome to the Philippines, Palawan and paradise.

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5. Amos Beach, Turunç, Turkey

The water is as clear as neat raki and the swell quite gentle. Perfect conditions on the Turkish Aegean Coast to explore life under the surface. Amos Beach with its large pebbles boasts crystal-clear water and a lively undersea world.

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6. Shell Beach, South Bimini,  Bahamas

Let yourself be swept off  your feet and float above the white sand found on the seabed with its wavy patterns formed by the warm water. Here and there shoals of fish swim past or a large shell can be spotted with beady eyes peering out at you.

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7. L’Estartit, Illes Medes,  Spain

Rays, barracudas, octopuses… the variety of sea life around the seven uninhabited islands that jut steeply out of the water, is simply fascinating. Thankfully, these picturesque islets are in a conservation area.

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8. Navagíou Beach, Zákynthos,  Greece

The chances of seeing a hawksbill sea turtle in the Ionian Sea are pretty good. Just put on your diving gear and head for Navagíou Beach where you will be rewarded with spectacular underwater sights as well as a shipwreck on the beach.

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9. Zeituna Beach, El-Gouna, Egypt

The deep blue of the Red Sea conceals an even more colourful undersea world. Fishing boats take visitors to Zeituna Beach and the adjacent reef. If you are lucky, you’ll see some red lionfish and bluespotted ribbontail rays and sometimes even dolphins pass by here.

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10. Plage de Ficajola, Corsica,  France

Snorkellers can explore the little sheltered beach of Ficajola on the southern tip of the Gulf of Porto, hidden between towering cliffs that stretch some way into the sea. Anyone who dives here is rewarded with an undersea world teeming with life.

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